XGuard RC XGuard Plus C25 Power Backup System

XGuard RC XGuard Plus C25 Power Backup System
XGuard RC
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The XGuard RC XGuard Plus line of power backup systems is a great cost effective option for an "insurance policy" for your model in the event that mode receiver power is lost. The XGuard Plus will allow you to safely land the model in a timely fashion in the event of the above mentioned power failure. Offered in three different capacitance sizes, C25, C50, and C82, there is a perfect option for any model.

This is an ideal choice for a simplistic backup solution compared to the XGuard Pro, and is essentially "plug and play." In addition to the natural power back up design, it also features Back servo EMF protection, static electricity protection, telemetry support for Mikado and Spektrum radio systems, as well as an optional alarm port for an XBuzzer or XStrobe.

  • Backup Power Pack with 25 Farad capacitors
  • Two Telemetry ports
  • One Alarm port
  • Servo Back EMF protector
  • Static electricity protector
54x31.82x18mm (2.13x1.25x0.7 in)

Optional 3 pin cables can be found -> HERE