Venom Power 3S 20C LiPo Battery w/Universal Connector (11.1V/5400mAh)

Venom Power 3S 20C LiPo Battery w/Universal Connector (11.1V/5400mAh)
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Designed to compliment today's high demand needs for more power and capacity; including the Traxxas Velineon Brushless Power System. 

  • 30% or more average runtime
  • 33% lighter than the comparable NiMH pack.
  • Unique top/end power lead location allows for fitment in a wide range of chassis platforms.
  • 12-gauge silicone wire and Universal Connector.
  • Durable case designed to protect the battery during extreme use.
  • Includes balance connector “JSTXH 2.5-3P” (Same as Great Planes Electrify and Horizon Hobby E-Flite balance connector).
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPO) 
Length: 5.43" (138mm) 
Height: 1.89" (48mm) 
Width: 1.69" (42.5mm) 
Weight: 15.8 oz (0.44kg) 
Plug Type: Traxxas 
Capacity: 5400mAh 
Cell Configuration: 3-Cell 
Voltage: 11.1V 
C Rating: 20C 
C Burst Rating: N/A 
Amp Rating: 5.4 amps 
Amp Burst Rating: 162 amps 
Maximum Voltage Rate: 12.6V 
Discharge Rate: 108 amps 
Minimum Discharge Volts: 9V