Vanquish Products RCV AR60 VVD Axle Shaft Set

Vanquish Products RCV AR60 VVD Axle Shaft Set
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The Vanquish RCV AR60 VVD Axle Shaft Set is an officially licensed RCV replica axle that fits Axial AR60 Axles.

  • Replaces stock axle shafts with a strong chromoly VVD style joint
  • RCV style cap for scale realism, is used to retain standard AR60 VVD pin
  • Large 8x15x5mm inner bearing (included) increases strength over stock 10x15x4 bearing
  • 6mm stub axle increases the strength through the pin on the stub axle, uses a 5mm threaded stub (requires 8mm nut driver)
  • Aluminum 12mm hexes are included to fit with 6mm stub, hex pins also included
  • 6x11x4 bearings included for outer knuckle bearing
  • Some rubbing may occur initially at the link mount screws due to larger diameter shafts. May require slight grinding of screws that hold lower link mounts.
NOTE: Intended for use in AR60 axles with locked differentials. If using an open differential, the axle tang will need to be shortened slightly.

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