Torvol Freestyle Bag

Torvol Freestyle Bag
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The Torvol Freestyle Bag is an FPV bag packed with features. It’s a 3-into-1 configuration product making this the most versatile quadcopter sling bag on the market. This bag fits a transmitter, tools, props, LiPo’s and spare parts inside, with provisions to fit goggles and up to two quads on the outside using the optional Quad Strap (TOR-1003 - not included). Plus, you can combine this with the Toval Transmitter Case (TOR-1004 - not included) and create additional space on the bag!

The unique design creates a versatile bag with many additional features. The Torvol smart zipper delivers quick access to your gear. When opened up completely, creates the Torvol PITSTOP work area for quick repairs, as well as a convenient cover to use for a clean seating area. The protective LiPo pocket on the outside protects LiPo’s from damage and facilitates quick battery changes, while the included sling strap converts into a flight strap for your transmitter using the supplied transmitter clips.


  • Torvol Pitstop: The Torvol smart zipper transforms the bag into a portable workspace to prep and modify your quads quickly.
  • Tool Organizers: Keep your tools organized and easy to access when you need them the most.
  • Tear Resistant Lining: Lining thats designed for heavy duty long term use.
  • Big Propeller Pocket: Store up to 40 props in a pocket designed to resist sharp edges. 
  • Torvol Cleanseat: Keeps your pants clean on any terrain.
  • Torvol Magnet Case: Keep your screws in place and never lose them.
  • Four Mesh Organizer Pockets: See through mesh pockets help to prevent the loss of small parts, while making the parts easy to find.
  • Exterior Goggle & Drone Attachments: Attachments to securely hold your goggle case, and quad strap.    
  • Front Battery Pocket: Keeps batteries within easy reach.
  • Strong Zipper & Pullers: Durable heavy duty zippers provide long lifespan. 
  • Torvol Flight Strap: Shoulder strap can also be used as a transmitter harness. 

Weight: 0.9 kg
Dimensions: 28 × 14 × 27 cm
Internal Dimensions: 25 x 11 x 24 cm
Capacity: 1 quad
Color: Black/Torvol Racing Green

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