ToolkitRC ST8 Advanced Multi-Servo Tester

ToolkitRC ST8 Advanced Multi-Servo Tester
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The ST8 Advanced Multi-Servo Tester is an incredible leap forward with a tool that is a must have for almost any R/C enthusiast. With the ability to adjust up to 4 servos at once (@ independent signal), 8 total  servo outputs (@ a single signal), various measurement modes, various signal trigger sources, servo speed testing, and external signal input from PWM, PPM, or S.Bus signal, the ST8 will provide powerful tools to anyone looking for a great multi-purpose tool. 

Input Voltage:
7-28V @ 10A
Main Output Port: 5-28V @ 10A
Signal Port Output Voltage: 5-8.4V @ 4A (S1-S4 Ports) | 5-8.4V @ 4A (S4 Ext.)
Output Signal: 1000-2900uS @ 33-1000Hz @ S1-S4 | 500-2500uS @ S5 (PWM) | PPM 8CH @ S5 | S.Bus 16CH @ S5
P1 Rotation Range: 1000-2000uS @ P1
Micro USB: USB Upgradeable
LCD Display: 2.4 Inch RGB 320x240 resolution
Dimensions: 99x68x26mm
Weight: 120g