Spektrum RC Smart 30A Power Supply (18V/30A/540W)

Spektrum RC Smart 30A Power Supply (18V/30A/540W)
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The Spektrum Smart 30A Power Supply is the first switching DC power supply to feature Spektrum current from a wall outlet to 30A of clean DC current that will make your chargers thrive. Spektrum Smart technology delivers a cooling fan that features on-demand operation to make the unit as quiet as possible. You also get protection against over temperature, over loading and short circuits. Current status and adjustable output voltage are easily viewed on a large LCD display that, all-combined, help you make the most intelligent charging power decisions possible.


  • Dual main output ports power any DC charger 
  • Delivers up-to 30A of robust, clean power 
  • All-metal design promotes rapid cooling and overall long-life 
  • Two standard 5.0V, 1000mA (total) USB ports 
  • Large LCD display clearly indicates output voltage and current 
  • Adjustable power output from 12–18 volts DC 0.5V 
  • Smart protection from heat, high-current and short circuits 
  • Smart ventilation fan with on-demand cooling sensor technology   

2.3 in (60 mm)
Input Voltage: 100-240 V AC
Length: 8.6 in (218 mm)
Maximum Continuous Current: 30A +/- 1A
Weight: 3.6 lb (1.62 kg)
Width: 5.5 in (139 mm)