SOR Graphics BEC Receiver Bypass Harness

SOR Graphics BEC Receiver Bypass Harness
SOR Graphics
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The SOR BEC Receiver Bypass Harness is perfect if you’re running a hi-volt and/or hi-torque servo and want to power your servo directly from a BEC, rather than through the receiver. Plus, your receiver or any additional electronics may not be able to handle the higher voltage being fed into your receiver from the BEC, and in the case of vehicles like the Axial Capra, your dig servo may not handle the same voltage as your steering servo.

This harness feeds power directly to your servo, bypassing the receiver. This allows you the option to run HV spec to your steering servo, and still not exceed the 6v max limit on other components, like micro servos for dig and 2-speeds. Each plug is clearly labeled for simple straightforward installation, and covered with protective woven loom for durability.