RC Maker Speed Secrets (R/C Setup Guide)

RC Maker
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Ever wondered how the Pro's get so much out of their cars, knowing exactly how to tune them to different tracks?

Speed Secrets reveals how to get to the next level, introducing you to a new world of preparation and car setup. Wouldn't it be nice to know where the extra pace is hiding, what the pro's are doing that you're not? This is what I do, and what the pro's do to consistently compete in the winners circle.

Speed Secrets will make you faster, more confident and more proficient in car setup and preparation. You can buy all the gear, but at the end of the day you need to know how to use it and convert it into lap times on the track.

All you need to know, in one place:

  • Chassis building
  • Initial chassis setup
  • Maintenance between races
  • Electronics installation
  • Body mounting
  • Tire preparation
  • Setup database
  • Setup troubleshooting
  • Combating new tracks

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