ProTek RC Servo Power Bus

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This the ProTek R/C Servo Power Bus, for use with flight systems. The Power Bus is designed to completely isolate and eliminate any noise or power spikes - generated from high-powered servos, long servo leads or gasoline engine ignition systems - from entering your receiver or flight controller through the power leads. This is achieved by using one battery for the receiver, flybarless or flight controller and a second battery to power the servos.

By separating the power systems and allowing only the signals to pass through the isolator, any noise or power spikes generated by the servos is isolated from any electronics attached to the other side. Separate power supplies also allow the use of a different voltage for each system - i.e., 5.8V for the receiver, flybarless system or gyro and 8.4V for the servos - and eliminates receiver "brown outs" due to low voltage caused from heavy servo loads.

The ProTek R/C Servo Power Bus requires the use of a dedicated battery that matches the voltage required from your high-voltage servos. This battery plugs into the power leads found on the servo input side of the isolator, and will only power the servos plugged into that side. The other side of the bus features the servo signal output ports, which, with the use of the included servo extension wires, connect to your desired receiver or gyro. 


  • Eliminates electrical noise from entering receiver & flight controllers
  • Light and compact aluminum housing
  • Six input & output receiver lead ports
  • Build-in LED indicators
  • Includes 4 servo wire extensions

Ports: 6
Power Lead Length: 13cm
Max Input Voltage:
7.4 2S
Max Output Voltage: 6V
Max Current Draw:
Housing Dimensions:
Total Weight: 26g
Extension Wires: 4
Extension Wire Length:

ProTek R/C is an AMain Sports & Hobbies brand