O.S. 35AX .35 Glow Engine w/Muffler

O.S. 35AX .35 Glow Engine w/Muffler
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This is the OS Engines 35AX ABLglow engine, with 21K carburetor and included OS E3080 Muffler.  The same quality construction that has enabled AX engines to deliver FX power in a more compact size can be found in the 35AX. Popular-sized aircraft will be able to swing bigger props, which means improved all-around performance. Plus, the 35AX requires no modifications to fit inside a cowl designed for a smaller engine!

  • Same mounting dimensions as the 32SX and 25FX engines.
  • Distinctive 5-sided heat sink head design for better cooling.
  • Diagonally-mounted needle that makes adjustments much safer.


  • Bore: 0.795 in (20.2 mm)
  • Stroke: 0.709 in (18.0 mm)
  • RPM range: 2,500-19,000*
  • Output (hp @ RPM)*: 0.9 @ 11,000 – 1.3 @ 16,000
  • Weight w/muffler: 12.8 oz (363 g)
  • Includes: E-3080 muffler, #8 glow plug, needle valve extension cable
  • Recommended Props: 10x6, 10x7, 11x6, 12x6
* = Minimum figures calculated with recommended props. Maximum figures calculated with modified props.