MSHeli Protos 380 EVO Electric Helicopter (Red)

MSHeli Protos 380 EVO Electric Helicopter (Red)
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The MSH Protos 380 has been developed from the ground up and designed to be one of the industry leading 380 sized helicopter designs in the market. From sport pilots, to seasoned 3D professionals, the Protos 380 accepts flexible electronic packages which suite a wide variety of setups, and flying styles. Many design concepts from the Protos 700 Maxx V2 has been downsized and included in the Protos 380, such as the Gorilla Landing Gear, External Belt Tensioner, Double Belt Style Transmission, Magnetic Canopy Mounting System.

Protos 380 Features: 

  • Gorilla Landing Gear
  • External Belt Tensioner
  • Double Belt Style Transmission
  • Magnetic Canopy Mounting System
  • 3.5mm and 5mm Pinion Options
  • Mini and Micro Tail Servo Mounting Options
  • Large ESC Compartment
Main Rotor Diameter: 864mm (With 380mm Blades)
Main Blade Length: 360-380mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 181mm (With 67mm Blades)
Tail Blade Length: 67mm
Main Shaft Diameter: 6mm
Main Shaft Diameter:
Tail Shaft Diameter: 5mm

Electronic Requirements:

  • Cyclic Servos: Micro size 23mm
    • General and 3D Flight: MKS  DS92A+, Savox SH-0255MG
    • General and Extreme Flight: BK 3001HV, SAVOX SV-1232MG, MKS HV93, MKS DS95
  • Tail Servo: Micro size 23mm OR Mini size 35mm
    • General and 3D Flight: Savox SH-1257MG, Futaba S9257, BK 3005CB
    • General and Extreme Flight: BK 5005HV, MKS HV9780, BK 3005
  • Typical Speed Controller:
    • General and 3D Flight: Kontronik Koby 70, YGE 60 LV, CC Lite 75,Hobbywing 50A, Hobbywing 60A V4
    • General and Extreme Flight: Kontronik Koby 90 - Jive 80LV , YGE 90 LV, Hobbywing 80A V4
  • Typical Motor
    • General and 3D Flight: 25XX/26XX Series w/ 3.5mm Pinion 1200-1400kV
    • General and Extreme Flight: 28XX/30XX Series w/5mm Pinion 800-1000kV