M2C 16mm Losi/HB O-Ring "Thru" Shock Pistons (4) (8x1.3 Hole)

M2C 16mm Losi/HB O-Ring "Thru" Shock Pistons (4) (8x1.3 Hole)
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This is an optional 16mm O-Ring "Thru" Shock Piston Set, including four 8x1.3mm pistons. These pistons are made using Delrin material which offers an excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics. This material possesses high tensile strength, toughness and also exhibits low moisture absorption. 

This updated model features a 1mm oring and pistons with 7 slots on the bottom for better dampening and a slow rebound. As the piston moves through the shock body, oil passes through the large holes, applying pressure to the o-ring, slowing the movement of the piston. This design gives you the option of changing the compression or rebound rate of the shock. If a faster shock re-bound is desired, face the large holes up, if faster compression is desired, face the large holes down. A 400 to 500CST shock oil is recommended with these pistons but a higher viscosity could be used to increase resistance. Compatible with Losi and Hot Bodies.

Note: M2C recommends the slots go down.

Compatible with:

  • Losi
  • Hot Bodies
Recommended Shock oil:
400 to 500CST