Lynx Heli 275mm Plastic Main Blade (Neon Yellow) (Blade 300CFX/OXY3)

Lynx Heli 275mm Plastic Main Blade (Neon Yellow) (Blade 300CFX/OXY3)
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This is an optional Lynx Heli 275mm Plastic Main Blade Set. These blades are compatible with the Blade 300 CFX and 300X helicopters, as well as the OXY3. These main blades have been designed from scratch to be the best main blade possible for these helicopters. Thanks to Lynx's expert plastics consultant, they have optimized the weight and the rigidity using an exotic polymer blend. The blades feature incredible material stability that guarantees constant main blade shape (no warping), even with extreme weather conditions (very hot, very cold). The result is a stiff main blade providing the best performance in all conditions. When flying the Lynx 275mm main blades on your helicopter, you will immediately see the precision of the rotor disk, providing accuracy and agility during flight.

Materials: Plastic Polymer Base PA66
Fits: 300 CFX/300 X/OXY3
Length: 275mm
Average single main blade weight: 17g

NOTE: Blades are Stretch edition 275mm, and must be used with the stretch tail boom only.

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