Kalmbach Publishing 101 Track Plans For Model Railroaders

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This is 101 Track Plans For Model Railroaders, from Kalmbach Publishing. This book was originally printed in 1956 and is considered by many to be a must have book for any railroad enthusiast. This book will offer a lot of insight into the history of the model railroad hobby and features easy-to-use plans in every size, and shape, from tiny card-table layouts to giant garage-size railroads. Demonstrates how to design a railroad to fit any space and explains how to convert plans to N, HO, S, and O scales.


  • Glossy softcover 72 page book.
  • Includes techniques helpful for the beginner as well as the advanced rail modeler.
  • Includes incredibly detailed scale drawings for each layout.
  • Each plan is built around a railroad theme with an atmosphere of real, or sometimes imaginary countryside that can be used on any model railroad.
  • The plans, which are arranged by size, are presented in simple steps to help you:
    • Choose the best plan
    • Modify it if desired
    • Build the railroad of your dreams!

Included Plans:

  • Railroads for very small tables
  • Small shelf railroads
  • Small table railroads
  • Railroads for 4 x 8 tables
  • Railroads to 6 x 10
  • Railroads up to 9 x 12
  • Railroads for 12 x 16 spaces
  • Trolley layouts
  • Larger shelf railroads
  • Railroads for a single garage
  • Railroads for large spaces

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