Hot Racing 107-142mm SCX10 Steel Center Drive Shaft (2)

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This is pack of two Hot Racing Upgraded Heavy Duty Splined Star Drive Shafts for a variety of vehicles, including the Axial AX10, Axial RR10 Front, Axial SCX10, Axial Wraith, Tamiya CC01, Tamiya CR01 (front), or a custom vehicle.


  • Heavy duty CNC machined hardened carbon steel construction
  • Aluminum pin capture rings with rubber o-rings to prevent movement
  • Design eliminated CV pin setscrew
  • Compatible with 5mm output shafts
  • Steel is black finished
  • M3 threaded holes for vehicle attachment

Collapsed length end-to-end:
Recommended travel limits: 107-142mm end-to-end (35mm total travel)
Spline engagement at 142mm: 7mm
Compatible with: 5mm output shafts


  • 8X M3 setscrews or 4X screw pins (e. g. Axial AXIA0175) to attach to transmission and differentials
  • Recommended to maintain CV joint and shaft spline with grease
  • Recommended to use a removable-type locking adhesive on screws threading into metal