Hot Racing 1/10 Scale Bungee Cord Set (Black/Tan)

Hot Racing 1/10 Scale Bungee Cord Set (Black/Tan)
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Hot Racing 1/10 Bungee Cords are perfect for keeping your scale gear secure when the trail gets rough. Plus, this kit includes six bungee cords - two small 40mm length, two medium 60mm length and two long 80mm length!   


  • Detailed bungee cord kit
  • Black with tan highlights
  • Includes six bungee cords
  • (2) 40mm bungee cords
  • (2) 60mm bungee cords
  • (2) 80mm bungee cords


  • Use crimping tool or pliers to crimp down the lock ring
  • Not intended as a toy

This product was added to our catalog on July 31, 2018