HeyOK Performance No Brainer BEC

HeyOK Performance No Brainer BEC
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The HeyOK No Brainer BEC is a simple solution for consistent and adjustable servo power delivery. If you run a high torque servo or winch and find that you get servo/ESC glitches, or think the servo is weaker than it should be, it might be due to the often inadequate BEC that is found in most ESC's. One fix for that is to run an external BEC, and the HeyOK No Brainer is a simple to install, small and efficient BEC solution that requires no soldering or wire modification to your existing setup. Best of all? It does not require computer programming! 

The No Brainer is pre-set at the factory to 6.0V, but you can use a volt meter and the adjustable ten turn control to adjust the voltage to suit your high voltage compatible servos. It uses a switch mode voltage regulator to step down the voltage.

  • Plug the BEC in between your receiver and steering servo. Plug the Deans compatible battery connector in between your battery and ESC. That's it!
  • Now the BEC that is built into the ESC only powers the receiver and the steering servo will get its power from the external BEC. Your steering servo can work harder and your ESC can relax a little as it doesn't have to put up with the high current load from steering.

NOTE: The BEC voltage adjustment control is the small gold screw that is protected beneath the heat shrink. If you want to adjust the voltage, you will need to make a small hole in the heat shrink to access the voltage adjustment. HeyOK recommends that you use a small dab of silicone or a piece of electrical tape to cover the hole.

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