Great Planes Ultimate Biplane .40 Size Kit

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The Great Planes Ultimate 40 Bipe is Capable of Outrageous Stunts, But Also Shows a Docile Side a Sport Pilot Can Enjoy. COMMENTS: DECALS: (1) ULT4D01 and (1) ULT4D02 are only available from Great Planes Manufacturing. ULT4D01--(2) 9 L x 3 H Red and Black Ultimate logo (2) 3 L x + H White, Red and Black GREAT PLANES logo (2) + L X + H White, Red and Black GPAT logo (2) 3 L x 2+ H White, Red and Black GPAT (Great Planes Aerobatic Team) logo. ULT4D02--(1) 18+ L x 6+ H Black and White Ultimate logo 5/22/97eke 8/3/98dh ir/jl