Goodr OG Sunglasses (Here's Lookin' At You, Orchid) (Limited Edition)

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The Goodr OG sunglasses are designed to look good(r) and stay comfortably on your face whether you’re running down a PR or running downtown in search of that vintage floral attire. These sunglasses are made with a special coated, light weight frame that fits snug to eliminate bouncing and slipping (even when sweaty). These limited edition floral encrusted shades with smoke lenses are from the 'not your grandma's couch' collection. 

Finally had the guts to get off the couch and sign up for that killer race you’ve been mulling over? Not sure if your training is going to hack it? Don’t Fret. Just put on these floral shades and step up to the line with the confidence of a Bogart. See, Bogart was actually shorter than Bergman, so for much of Casablanca he stood on wooden boxes to create the illusion that he was taller. But you couldn’t tell, could ya? He didn’t ACT like he was standing on a box. So, the moral is, train or don’t train, Bogart it up and you’ll be winning.


  • Microfiber bag
  • No slip coating
  • Light weight frames to prevent bouncing
  • Non Reflective Polarized lenses
  • Perfect for Road, Trail, or Taco Runs

Lenses: Non-Reflective,Polarized UV400 Protection   
Fit: OG  
Weight: 22g    

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