Futaba Trainer Cord (Micro to Micro Plug)

Futaba Trainer Cord (Micro to Micro Plug)
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This is the Futaba "Micro to Micro Plug" Trainer Cord. This trainer cord has been developed for training student fliers how to fly R/C aircraft by connecting the "teacher" transmitter with the "student" transmitter, so that a new pilot can get airborne with the help of an experienced pilot. The trainer switch on the teacher transmitter is used to disable or activate the student radio.

  • Inexpensive accessory increases chances of flying success for first-timers.
  • Connects between radios in seconds leaves students free to learn and allows instructors to take control in trouble situations.
  • A right-angle bend in the 9C's micro connector allows the transmitter to lay flat.
  • Cord is 9.5' long.
NOTE: This requires that "2" Futaba radios that require the micro plug are used together. This will NOT work, nor can it be modified to work with any other radio systems. For users of the Futaba 9C with the RealFlight G2 USB Interlink Controller: this trainer cord can be used for connecting the 9C radio to the USB Interlink Controller.