DSM Off-Road Rapid Recovery Kintetic Strap System (Silver)

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The DSM Off-Road Rapid Recovery Kintetic Strap System is the fastest way out of a jam. High centered? Off camber? Steep climbs? These sketchy predicaments are no problem for the Rapid Recovery system. Using the power of kinetic energy, the 18 inch long strap can apply over 4 pounds of pulling force at 36 inches of full stretch. They are quick to deploy and require no power to operate. The stainless steel multi hook grabs on to tree branches and roots, rock edges, and just about everything else out there that would provide a solid anchoring point. If quick and convenient is your goal, then look no further. 

The 6" mini strap that's included is perfect to secure your Rapid Recovery straps multi hook to the back of your truck. It can also be used as a tow strap as it also applies up to 4 pounds of pulling pressure to assist with recoveries. Works great to anchor the truck when using a front winch to help out someone else as well. 

  • Rapid Recovery™ strap features USA made 1/8" diameter shock cord designed to stay tough use after use. 
  • Each loop end is secured with galvanized metal clamps. No glue joints to fail after only a few uses.
  • The Stainless Steel Multi Hook grabs onto logs, roots, rocks, and just about anything else that can make a solid anchoring point.
  • The included heavy duty stainless steel shackles are designed to fit into virtually all bumpers and tab mounts making for the strongest connection point available.    
  • (1) 18" Self Recovery Strap
  • (1) 6" Mini Tow Strap
  • (4) M3 Stainless Steel Shackles

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