Dal Props Tri-Blade 5050 Pro Cyclone Prop (Crystal Green) (4)

Dal Props Tri-Blade 5050 Pro Cyclone Prop (Crystal Green) (4)
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The Dal Props Cyclone T5050C Pro Tri-Blade 5" Props are an upgraded version of the Cyclone T5050C Series. These propellers feature faster cornering, less noise, and excellent aerodynamic design. DAL Props has been a mainstay in the prop industry for a long time, and their Cyclone series is well known as some of the most dependable props on the market. DAL props are durable and crash resistant, making them excellent props for racing. Available in multiple bright colors to better customize your machine. 

  • German Bayer PC Material - Resistant to crash, long life
  • Durable and flexible for better crash resistance
  • Multiple color options
Diameter: 5"
Pitch: 5"
Blades: 3
Material: PC+ABS
Shaft Hole: 5mm
Hub Thickness: 8mm
Weight: 5.2g

  • (2) CW Cyclone T5050C Pro Propellers
  • (2) CCW Cyclone T5050C Pro Propellers

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