CubCrafters Carbon Cub FX-3 100-200cc ARF, 165"

CubCrafters Carbon Cub FX-3 100-200cc ARF, 165"
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For the giant scale pilot, the new Hangar 9 Carbon Cub FX-3 100-200cc is the largest Cub we have ever created and one of the largest in the market, featuring superb scale details with the incredible flight performance Hangar 9 customers expect.


Length115 in (292cm)
Wing Area3979 sq in (256.7sq dm)
Wing Tube OD1-5/8 in (41mm)
Flying Weight2001-25000g, 55 -61lbs (24.9-27kg)
Control Throw - High (Elevator)Up and Down: 1-15/16 in (50mm)
Wing Tube Length53 in (135cm)
Stabilizer Tube OD1/2" (12mm)
Trim Scheme ColorsWhite, True Red, and Deep Blue
Servos8 required
Completion LevelAlmost Ready-To-Fly
Control Throw - High (Ailerons)Up: 3-1/8 in (80mm), Down: 2-5/16 in (60mm)
AileronPre-hinged scale type hinges
Airfoil ShapeFlat bottom
Landing GearFixed main LG with steerable tail wheel
MaterialBalsa and ply
Approximate Assembly Time20+ Hours
Expo (Ailerons)High: 30%, Low: 20%
Recommended Receiver Battery4000mAh 2S 7.4V
Engine Size100 - 200cc gasoline
Minimum Required Radio8-channel
Control Throw - Low (Ailerons)Up: 1-15/16 in (50mm), Down: 1-9/16 in (40mm)
Control Throw - Low (Rudder)Left and Right: 3-1/8 in (80mm)
Expo (Rudder)High: 30%, Low: 20%
FlapsOperational for STOL capabilities, Pre-hinged scale type hinges
Spinner Size6" (152mm)
Control Throw - High (Rudder)Left and Right: 5-1/8 in (130mm)
Control Throw - Low (Elevator)1-3/16 in (30mm)
Stabilizer Tube Length23" (58cm)
Wing Loading37.74 oz /sq. ft (11.52 kg / sq. m)
CG (Center of Gravity)6-8 in (152.4-203mm) measured from leading edge of wing at the fuselage side
Control Throw (Flaps)Take off: 1-9/16 in (40mm), Landing: 3-1/8 in (80mm)
Expo (Elevator)High: 30%, Low: 20%
Wingspan165 in (422 cm)