Blade Inductrix 200 DC LiPo Battery Balancing Charger (3S/1.2A)

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This replacement Blade Battery Charger is designed for use with the 3S LiPo battery included with the Inductrix 200 quadcopter. It features a compact and lightweight form factor with a drop-in fit for the 800mAh Inductrix 200 battery (BLH9016) and conveniently provides charging, cell balancing and error status indication with the use of three LED's - Red, Green and Blue.

An instruction sheet is included with this DC LiPo Charger but the AC power supply cord is not included which is required to plug into a standard household AC power outlet; the AC power supply cord must be purchased separately if it is needed (BLH9017).

This product was added to our catalog on March 16, 2016