BetaFPV USB PH2.0 Battery Charger & Battery Tester

BetaFPV USB PH2.0 Battery Charger & Battery Tester
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The BetaFPV USB PH2.0 Battery Charger & Battery Tester is perfect for any PH2.0 1S Battery. This is not only a charger but also a cell voltage tester! The charge current is up to 1A, which improved its efficiency and shorten the charging time, and allows simultaneous charging of two LiPO or LiHV batteries from a standard USB port. 

  • PH2.0 battery connector
  • Supports charging of two batteries at the same time. 
  • Charging current has upgraded from 0.5A to 1A, doubling the charging speed.
  • USB input makes charging convenient. Compatible with mobile phone adapter, computer, etc.
  • Can also be used to test voltage.
  • LED indicators provide simple reference - red light indicates charging, and the green light indicates full charge.
Model: PH2.0 1S Battery Voltage Checker 
Plugs: PH2.0
Voltage: Works with regular and HV battery packs
Voltage cut off: DC 2.45-4.70V
Voltage range: DC 2.50-4.70V(1S)
LCD: Red/Green
Weight: 15.14g
Dimensions: 66.3*23.6*14.4mm
Working temp: -20~75?
Storage temp: -25~85?

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