BetaFPV 1S 25C LiHv Battery (3.8V/230mAh) (8) (PH2.0)

BetaFPV 1S 25C LiHv Battery (3.8V/230mAh) (8) (PH2.0)
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The BetaFPV 1s LiHV 230 mAh battery is the standard for Tiny Whoop pilots to power the upgraded motor. This is the best one out there. With the JST-PH 2.0 connector (AKA PowerWhoop connector). Due to the use of the Micro JST 2.0, these batteries will NOT work with stock Blade Inductrix, Blade Nano QX, Nano CPX, Blade mCX etc. Micro JST 2.0 (AKA PowerWhoop connector) means that you will experience more power and longer flight times from the same size battery! 

Capacity (mAh): 230 
Voltage (V): 3.8V 
Discharge Rate (C): 30
Max Burst Discharge Rate (C): 60 
Configuration: 1S1P 
Net Weight: 6.3g 
Length: 54mm 
Width: 12.5mm 
Height: 6mm