Bat-Safe XL Balancing Cable Extension Set

Bat-Safe XL Balancing Cable Extension Set
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The Bat-Safe Balancing Cable sets offer five different 12" Balance Extensions which can be used for a multitude of purposes for any type of LiPo balancing, charging, or discharging needs. Any LiPo charger that offers an XH balance board or plug in can accept these extensions, and is a great way to allow the battery to be moved away from the charger and either into a BatSafe Charging Box (BTS-BAT-SAFE) or a LiPo Charging Sack

The package of balance extensions offers the following cables. If purchasing multiple packs, cables can be inter-connected for extended lengths. 

The "XL Package" includes 2 sets of each cable, allowing you to connect them together for extra length. 

  • (2) 2s XH 3 Wire Balance Cable
  • (2) 3s XH 4 Wire Balance Cable
  • (2) 4s XH 5 Wire Balance Cable
  • (2) 5s XH 6 Wire Balance Cable
  • (2) 6s XH 7 Wire Balance Cable