Art Hughes Designs TorqMaster Battery Mounting System

Art Hughes Designs TorqMaster Battery Mounting System
Art Hughes Designs
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The Art Hughes Designs Battery Mounting System for both Dynatron and TorqMaster starters provides a sleek, elegant, and sturdy way to mount your battery of choice to either of these two popular starters. Instead of hastilty strapping a LiPo to your starter, or it dangling beside you when you're starting your helicopter, the sturdy G-10 based platform doubles as a battery mount, and starter stand to ensure that your next nitro helicopter outing to the field is simple and easy!

Each mount incorporates a starter wand mounting location, as well as slots for a velcro strap to secure the battery to the G-10 platform.

NOTE: In order to install the Battery Platform, disassembly of the starter is required.

This product was added to our catalog on June 29, 2017