Align Swashplate Leveler

Align Swashplate Leveler
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This is an optional Align Swashplate Leveler, and is intended for use with the Align T-REX 550, 600, 700 and 800 line of helicopter kits. This swashplate leveler is constructed from machined CNC alloy metals to provide added strength for precise level adjustment. This leads to improved hovering stability and flight performance, while also adding some CNC alloy styling to your helicopter.


  • Specifically designed for 550-800 class helicopters
  • Allows for precise swashplate level adjustment
  • Improving helicopter hover stability and flight performance
  • Tailored specifically for Align swashplate designs
  • Utilizing CNC alloy metal for pleasing aesthetic and functionality
  • Use with all T-REX 550/600/700/800 class helicopters


  • (1) Swashplate unit corrector
  • (1) 13.5x10x20.5mm Collar
  • (1) 3x3mm Set screw