Align 550/600 CCPM Metal Swashplate

Align 550/600 CCPM Metal Swashplate
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This is an Align 550/600 CCPM Metal Swashplate. Specially designed for both the DFC and FL flybarless rotor head system, this swashplate improves linkage rod connection strength and minimizes detachment during extreme flight maneuvers. Additionally, two ball attachment points allow the pilot to choose between higher control resolution or faster maneuver response.

  • (1) CCPM Metal Swashplate
  • (2) Bearing (6706ZZ) (Φ30xΦ37x4mm)
  • (5) Linkage ball B (M3x3) (Φ4.7x9.7mm)
  • (2) Linkage ball B (M3x4) (Φ5x12mm)
  • (2) Φ5 Linkage ball D (M3x3.5) (Φ5x9.3mm)
  • (1) Long linkage ball (M3x3) (Φ4.7x24.5mm)
  • (1) Φ5 Long linkage ball (M3x4) (Φ5x29mm)